Raise Money For Your Cause

Create a reliable source of income for any cause with Kenshi Life Changing Candles

Kenshi Life Changing Candles is a truly inspiring story of a 14-year-old in Melbourne who wanted to make a real difference in the world.

After 3 years of working with various schools, charities and NFP’s we have created a “zero risk” system to raise money for any cause. You are providing your supporters with a fantastic tool to promote your cause that they can share on all types of social media.

1) You never need to buy the candles and your organisation receives $8.50 ex for every candle sold.

2) You do not handle any money as all sales are processed by Make A Difference Community.

3) Ask your supporters to display the candles any place where people go. To buy candles each person simply scans the QR code and pays on their phone. Sell the candles in staff rooms, any type of “waiting room”, markets, cafes, retail outlets.

4) Make A Difference Community provides an ordering portal at no charge so you can sell
unlimited amounts of candles online. You simply promote the link in all your communications and ask your supporters to buy the candles for family, friends, employees and clients. All candles are packed and sent by the refugees from Myanmar .

Every candle is personalised to your cause. This includes a label on the packaging and a personalised flyer with your online ordering portal.

Imagine creating a passive income of over $10,000 a month!

Candles are a unique product and an incredible opportunity to grow a passive income for any cause without having to invest much time. They are an emotional item and a perfect price point for gifts. Most importantly they are consumable and your supporters (and their friends and their friends) will keep buying because they love the story and the quality.

Every candle has meaning. Every time a person lights one of your Kenshi candles they feel great knowing they are helping your cause. You will be creating your own candle-selling business that provides a reliable source of income to fund your cause.

Just 1,200 people buying 1 candle a month creates $10,000 in passive income. All you have to do is promote on your social media and keep asking your supporters to share this simple way of helping your cause.


When do we receive our donation from the sale of the candles?
On the 5th business day of every month you receive a listing of all sales made for your campaign for the previous month. Your donation is deposited at that time.

How do we know how many candles are being sold?
Every time a candle is sold at any of your locations or via the website you will receive an automated email.
You will also be able to login to your own ordering site to see all transactions. This ensures you can be certain that all sales are being credited to your monthly donation.

How many candles are we allowed to order for our location(s)?
As a guide we need your stock of candles to turnover every month. For example if you are selling around 100 candles a month then we are happy for you to have 100 candles in stock.
Some locations will sell more candles than others and we will always do our best to ensure they do not run out of stock.

How are the online sales processed?
These orders are picked and packed by the refugee community of Myanmar. Typically orders are sent out within 24 hours of being received.
The buyer receives an email as soon as their candles are picked up.

How do you restock your locations?
You can choose to take control of this or we are happy to do it.
We have found sales improve if a local volunteer visits your sites and reminds your partner how thankful you are for their support. You can also provide updated signage with the total impact the candles have had for your organisation so everyone can be inspired by the difference you are creating.
Alternatively we are happy to call, double check stock and then send additional candles when required.

How many locations can I sell my candles from?
There is no limit. The more locations your supporters can find the more money you will generate for your cause.

How do I add additional locations?
Each location requires their own signage that has a QR code unique to them.
This way we all know exactly who is making sales and how much impact they have created. It also makes it easy to keep on top of their stock and if any candles are missing.

What happens if candles go missing?
We have allowed for a maximum of 1 in every 30 candles to “go missing”. If any locations regularly have a higher ratio of missing candles we would decide together if it is a good idea to continue with that partner.
We reserve the right to deduct $21.50 ex GST from your donation for each missing candle above this ratio. To date this has never occurred!

What happens if we do not sell many candles?
You have no risk or contract. At any point you can return the candles and drop out of the program.

Who sets up the online store?
Make A Difference Community will provide your own online store at no charge. You will approve the content and you can update as often as you like.

How quickly can we start selling candles?
Typically we can have you up and running in 3 to 5 business days.

Can I sell in bulk quantities to businesses?
Corporate orders are one of the most exciting ways to sell your Kenshi Candles. Every business is looking for a meaningful gift that shows they care for the community. Plus this helps share your message to all the recipients which is a perfect way to grow your candle sales.

Can I buy the candles at a wholesale price and handle payment?
You can choose to buy the candles at the wholesale price of $21.50 ex GST. There is a minimum order of 54 candles if you would like your own personalised flyer to be placed inside the box and label on the outer packaging.
Payment is COD however candles can be credited at any stage provided they are in a saleable condition.

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